Monday, October 11, 2010

Dead end jobs.....

I've heard lots of people who claim that being a server is a dead end job...and many of us who think that way ourselves. However, I tend to disagree. Allow me to explain my logic...

First and foremost, waiting tables teaches important people skills...something that many people nowadays sorely lack. With these skills, one can go anywhere in business. How many bank tellers or call center idiots have you talked to who had 0 people skills? Exactly.

Secondly, it teaches you important sales know, suggestive sell, give the silent nod as you rattle off the spcials, or even the simple upsell. These skills will, at the very least, allow you to find a career in sales.

Thirdly, restaraunt work teaches you to work well under pressure. 20 hungry customers demanding their orders then and there, management barking down your neck for all boils down to stress management...and this job forces it on you.

Finally, businesses like restaurant folk. I have been on numerous interviews in the "real world" and have been told that the restaurant gigs are a real bonus to my resume -- due to the reasons above, and more -- and that they, like me, wished more people tried their luck in the industry.

So next time you question why you are putting up with all the crap at work, remember the skills you are learning and hopefully retaining and maybe one day soon finding a "real job" will be a little bit easier.
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