Friday, October 15, 2010

63% Of Restaurant Workers Admit To Serving While Sick

Well, I know I have been at work many times too sick to be there, but was forced to due to some corporate policy or asshole manager. Anyway, according to the consumerist, "63% Of Restaurant Workers Admit To Serving While Sick".

Waiter! There's a phlegm in my soup! And it's yours! 63% of restaurant workers in a new survey said they had cooked and served food while sick, putting consumers at risk, and also being just gross. 90% of them also said they don't get insurance through their employers, and 87% said they didn't get paid sick days.

The report, ommissioned by Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, a labor coalition for restaurant workers, contains stories like this one:
I could not call in sick because no work meant no money and I couldn't afford it at that time. My kids were very young... Halfway through the day, the sneezing, coughing and runny nose got worse. I asked the manager, 'I am really sick and need to go because I could make others sick...' She laughed and told me, 'Try not to cough, then.'

Serving While Sick: Report Reveals Need for Paid Sick Days & Health Insurance in the Restaurant Industry [Restaurant Opportunities Centers United]

Download the full report (PDF)

So now you know why so many of us are miserable, or otherwise not our normal chipper selves. It also explains the strange illness you might get after dining out :)