Saturday, December 11, 2010

How not to act at an upscale restraunt....

First off, I apologize for the long delay in posts, it has been an extremely long last few weeks culminating in me getting a job outside of the know, what every server really wants -- a day job.  In any event, as my server hours have been severely reduced, my opportunities for new content have also declined.  However, tonight, I decided to take the little lady out for a nice dinner at one of our upscale steak houses here in town.  This is not a fine dining establishment, but it is definitely upscale, with entrees averaging about $30 a head.  Granted, it wasn't fancy, but I surely wasn't ready for what was in store for me. 

Having been seated in a friends section, I didn't want to move, but by the time dinner was over, I wish I had.  Luckily, me being me, I had my phone on me, and promptly started up the video recorder.  The video attached to this post is what I endured through most of my dinner.  I have edited it to get the boring parts out, but you will get the overall idea of what I was going through.

As you can tell, this guy was a complete tool.  He was from a country town about 50mi from my city and obviously way out of his league.  Needless to say, now I have a headache and I think I have lost some hearing in both ears after all this.  The video doesn't do his volume level justice.  The moral here folks....don't be like this guy when going to a nice restaurant.  If you must be rowdy like that, go back to the honkytonk, or better yet, go down to a Denny's or IHOP where you can compete with the kids for the most obnoxious customer award.  But by all means, don't be that way at a restaurant.