Thursday, August 12, 2010

The upside of change...

So recently I decided to start looking for a new job.  Not because I hate where I work, I certainly don't, nor do I hate the folks that I work least by and large.  However, the place where I've spent the last 4 years of my life is hemorrhaging customers and staff left and right and will probably be closed in the next few months.

The latest service manager put his notice in a week ago and ever since then, the place has been flipped upside down.  The same day, management decides they are going to try to improve the restaurant by firing the server assistants, giving the servers more crap to do, downsizing the kitchen, and just making everyones life miserable -- all in the name of improving service.

It would be one thing if our problems were service related.  Hell, I wouldn't care so much if we had the business to support the extra labor, but as it stands, coming in at 3pm to do opening work for an hour, stand around until 7 for 2 tables that i get to take care of, bus, and clean, then turn around and do another 30-40 minutes of crap before i can even start my silverware to leave.

Not worth it.

So now, I am in the process of finding something new.  Something fresh.  I have a few leads in the works right now, and hopefully they will get back to me soon so that I can get on with my life and actually make some money.  I'll make sure that I keep ya'll updated on the new gig.

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