Friday, August 13, 2010

In this corner.....

If you recall in my earlier post, The Upside of Change, I mentioned that the place where I work was bleeding customers left and right.  It still is.  The other day, I wrote on a Facebook thread about the workplace to a co-worker about the issues I think are causing problems where we work.  Perfectly innocent, if not heavily opinionated, this post explained how I think the KM should be fired for physical violence against a staff member, the GM should be fired for allowing the KM to keep his job (there are some shenanigans goin on there), and other such things.

So fast forward a day or so and I come in to work only to find the GM bitching because she saw what I wrote.  Normally, this wouldn't have been such an issue, but couple that with the discrimination I received after submitting my affidavit to the KM's assault, being passed over for promotion, the reduction in my Shift Leader shifts, early cuts, and all around shit being thrown my way, and I decided I've had enough.

So, they want to play games with me?  What they don't understand is what they are doing is ILLEGAL.  Before my affidavit, they were always cool with me.  Now, they are doing everything they can to make me quit...something I fully plan on doing once I find a replacement job.  They also don't seem to understand that unlike the other people they have screwed over the past few years, I'm not afraid to use the legal system to my advantage....something I'm very seriously considering.

In the mean time, I will show up daily with a smiling face and be my normal chipper self...until I am solid with another which point the finger will be raised and the fun will begin.

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