Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 2 in the bag....

Oh, how I hate to close.  Its not about the work, or the fact that I'm stuck there until everything is done, but what I hate is the late hours that I'm there sometimes.  Tonight was my second night on the floor and all was well until this table of uppity, pretentious women decided to split their check 100 different ways.  Split the appetizer into 3/5 parts, put the drinks on this check, except that one, which needs to go on this check.  It was a clusterf*** to say the least.  To make matters worse, for the last 10 years, I have used Aloha in some for or another, but here at the new place, the POS is literally a p.o.s.  

This POS is antiquated to say the least.  Nothing is logical.  So when these women decided to give me an educational experience on the POS, I knew I was doomed.  Not only did it take 30 minutes for the situation to be rectified, with even the manager getting stumped, but I had been seated again with nobody bothering to let me know.  By the time I got to the new table, they were already pretty pissed, and I didn't blame them.  Luckily, the manager is cool and bought them a desert, but still.  It should never have happened.  Lucky for me, my other table was watching the fiasco and enjoying their time.  They were probably the coolest table I've had in quite some time.  30% in the bag.  Even the women left 20% (except one who was convinced I was trying to rip them off), and the last table...the one who I was late to...left 15%, so I couldn't complain.

In the end, I made more tonight than I would have on a Thursday at my old place.  And I got schooled on the computer.  Not a bad second day.