Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The end of an era....

So tonight was my last night at the steak house.  I have to say I was rather emo about it for a bit, after all, I did spend the last 4 years of my life there.  But what really struck me was the fact at how quickly people had moved on from me being there.  Usually, people were always asking what I was doing after work, or asking me for help on stuff...but not tonight.  Tonight, people were unusually distant...like they were trying not to get emo themselves.

My last night was marked with a 26 top (was scheduled 35).  This group, a "lets scam old people" financial planning group, is one of my normal parties...coming in every 3-5 months to give old folks free dinners and try to get them to spend their retirement with them.  Normally, these parties go smooth as a baby's butt.  Not today.  Today, people were cranky, needy, and altogether messy.  

I don't usually give people bread on parties like this as they have a set menu with set prices, to which bread is not factored into the cost.  Nor are sodas, alcohol, or dessert.  But, this being where it is, and the type of place it is, with the clientel it has, some dolt decided to ask for bread.  And the floodgates opened when my assistant said 'yes ma'am, give me a minute.'  Everyone else heard the question and the answer and swarmed us for bread....some even waiting until they finished their entrées to even GET the bread, to which they gobbled it down and left us with a crumbly mess in 5 foot radii from their chair -- slobs.

Aside from that, and the constant running for more coffee -- seriously folks, who the hell wants coffee when its 100+ degrees outside -- and the piles of crumbs all over the floor, the shift went smoothly enough.  And as much as I wanted to leave the room a mess, not give a crap, grab my money and leave, I did do the right thing and clean it up, roll my 15 silverware, said goodbye to my friends, and gracefully left -- the end of an era.