Sunday, June 20, 2010

Run Rabbit Run....

First, to all the dads out there, happy Fathers Day.

Today, as you all know by now, is fathers day and I was scheduled to work in the AM shift so that I can do other things with my evening, and because last year, most of our business took place between 11am and 3pm. This year, not so much. At noon, I was pacing my section, waiting for a table.

By 1pm, the Brazil v. Ivory Coast game was starting on TV, which was a welcome relief to the boredom that I was plagued with all morning.  Finally, around 1:30, I get my first real table -- you know one's who order entrees as entrees and appetizers as appetizers -- and that started the 'rush' for my small section.  No sooner was my table seated than I was sat again, this time by a family out celebrating fathers day.

Already we were slow compared to last year, but evidently, the recession that never quite hit my town finally hit my town, because people were cheap today.  My first table ordered nothing but appetizers, while my second ordered 2 fillets with 2 sides of salad...not bad there, but it thats about the most normal table I had.  More on them in a moment, but my last two tables ordered nothing but chicken and sandwiches, which, while it was lunch, its fathers day...spend a little!

So back to the fillet table.  Normally, at my restaurant, the moment a waiter gets to the table, the customers are usually inquiring about our bread, which, to this day, I still don't get -- it's not homemade, and it's certainly not fresh...yet people eat it up like grandma was in the back baking fresh loaves every few minutes.  However, this table started off saying they wanted two waters, no bread, 2 salads with bleu cheese and two garlic butters, the type that we serve with the bread.  I wouldn't have questioned it, but they were both saying they were on this diet that was ultra restrictive, and they could only eat certain things.  Our garlic butter is about as far away from healthy as most people in America are from the World Cup.  I'm talking about pure fattening butter, with garlic and margarine mixed in.  So whatever.  Then, they order two small fillets with two more salads, with extra bleu cheese this time and nuts on the side as their side dish with their fillet.

As their fillets came out, my other table was getting restless for their check.  I had been seated again and I suppose I was ever so slightly guilty of ignoring them as I took care of my new table...which turned out to be my last for the afternoon because the server assistants were tied up clearing five tops, which caused an hour wait at one point, for the wait list.

All I could do was sit back and watch the rabbits eat and think to myself:  run rabbit, run.

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